Happiness Champion Challenge

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Happiness Champion Challenge is an online course for 5 weeks.  It is  designed to help you overcome challenges, boost your confidence, and discover your true potential for happiness.

You will get:

  • Each week will include a new theme to support your inner Happiness Champion.
  • You will find weekly reading material to get you grounded on the topic.
  • Each week offers new hands-on activities to grow and nurture your happiness.
  • Tips and tools to carryout weekly exercises.

You will learn:

  • to activate happiness
  • to dismantle harmful self-beliefs and build strong self-esteem
  • to use effective tools for stress reduction
  • to control your inner voice and make it a positive force in your life.
  • to take full benefit of the art of visualization
  • to develop your mindset to increase happiness
  • to see the good in your  daily life
  • BONUS! In the bonus module you will find tools and techniques to keep up your new, improved happiness🌻.



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