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It was a while ago, when we started to wonder about the strong feelings we experienced when arriving back home to Finland…

Whether it had been travelling on business or leisure, this particular feeling always caught attention. It was the feeling of happiness. Well, you can think that most of us do get the good vibes when returning home, but we thought this was something else. We knew we were onto something and started to dig a little deeper.

Today, we are ready to reveal the findings. Did you know that Finland is named the happiest country in the world? You can read about the research but our intention is to take you with us on a more personal adventure we experience within each of us. The kind of happiness that stays with you and offers a positive view on yourself and the world around you. The kind of happiness you can find in you, and nurture and cultivate.

Driven by our motto “Happiness Allowed” we are on a mission to spark a worldwide happiness revolution. Imagine a world where laughter and joy is for everyone to cherish. Why not give it a try?

At HappinessAllowed, Sisu Aalto & the whole team, we are all born and raised in Finland, and we wanted to bottle the secrets of happiness from Finland into this book. We believe that happiness isn’t something that just happens to you, therefore we decided to create a brand and start to spread around happiness as we know it.

The first step is the launch of our “the secret ingredients of happiness from Finland” –book. We want to offer you a sneak peak to the world famous happiness from Finland by opening up the ways of living and thinking here. Please, don’t take the book as therapy or as a traditional guidebook, but enjoy it as a resource of inspiration which may lead you to finding your own happy place!

The “secret ingredients of happiness from Finland” contains our views and experiences on how to become and be happy. We explore the ways we encounter happiness, and we invite you to come along. This is “a no pressure journey”. Choose your style to enjoy it. You can start by just taking a look at the pictures, reading a quote and listen to the music. When you are ready, you can read more and try out some of the simple tips. And listen to some more music. Why don’t you place the book on your coffee table and invite your friends to join your journey.

Remember, you were designed to build and enjoy a life of your dreams, where happiness is allowed. Happy reading!

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